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Production Line (Family)

Kay Abude


Installation and performance

Exhibited as part of the 2010 Masters Exhibition at the Victorian College of the Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne

This artwork formed part of Kay Abude’s Masters project and was a nostalgic representation of work as life.


In the early 90s, Abude’s Mum worked in an electrical factory and brought materials home from the factory to supplement her income. After school Abude and her sister made test-switches and exit signs in the lounge room of their house. Abude spent most of her childhood school holidays making electrical components and this sparked her very early interest in the factory and systems of production.


Production Line (Family) brought together members of the Abude family in a familiar working situation. Each family member was dressed as a blue-collar worker and formed part of a production line ‘making money’ by cutting white A4 paper into the size of the $100 Australian bank note. 

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