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Kay Abude

Duration Works: Product Drawing Series


Ephemeral installations inside a suburban Coles Supermarket, Victoria (Performances documented through photography and video)

Dimensions variable


Kay Abude worked in a supermarket while completing her Bachelor of Fine Art (Sculpture and Spatial Practice) degree at the Victorian College of the Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne. In Abude’s final year of her degree in 2007, she used the supermarket as a site for conceptual, physical and spatial investigations into sculpture. The supermarket closed at midnight each night, and on the nights Abude was rostered to work the closing shift, she would stay inside the store to re-arrange the stock. She began making spontaneous assemblages of products within aisles and employed an action-based methodology in reference to Richard Serra’s Verb List Compilation 1967-68. Abude documented her actions through still photography and moving image and created a body of work titled Duration Works: Product Drawing Series, 2007. Her unpacking and re-shelving of products were especially sensitive to arrangement as they were responses to time, movement, colour and space.

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